“Excellent quality of workmanship.”

“Everyday the job site was left clean and tidy. Astonishingly so.”

– Nick Hayes of Haverford


“We have used the services of Steve Nicholson for five different projects over the last 12 years including a remodeled bathroom and most recently, a kitchen. His quality of workmanship and attention to detail has always been there and never disappointed. All costs, labor and materials, are fully spelled out and his pricing structure is very transparent. I feel the price of his services is in line with the overall quality of his work. Another benefit to using Nicholson DK&B is the estimate for the date of job completion has always been very accurate. Although there are situations that can affect the timeline, a four week estimate is unlikely to take months. One of the main reasons for this is Steve and his team would arrive everyday on time. If there are any variations in the schedule, Steve is very good at contacting the customer with any updates.”

Description of Work: 
Our last project involved a full kitchen demolition and remodel including new cabinets, flooring and quartz counter tops, tile backsplash, plumbing, as well as electrical and lighting upgrades and all trim work.

– Cathy F.

“The work was excellently performed, involving ceramic tile for the floor, custom wood shelving, new sink and toilet. The team was extremely professional, punctual and left the site each day even cleaner than they found it. i was very impressed and would definitely work with the team again.”

Description of Work: Full remodel of Powder Room

– John O.

“The pride that Stephen and his coworkers took in their craftsmanship was evident in every detail”

“After our kitchen project we had no hesitation in contracting Nicholsons for our bathroom project.”

“It was so great to work with a contractor that is dependable & polite.”

– Kay and Rick Moon of Bala Cynwyd

“Nicholsons remodeled our kitchen and two bathrooms. The tile work they did was absolutely beautiful and meticulously done.”

“Steve Nicholson was on time for bidding and consultation appointments as well as workdays. The Nicholson crew was always courteous.”

“We were absolutely satisfied at the completion of their work. We were so pleased and people who have seen their work have complimented and rave.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Verner of Bala Cynwyd

“If rated 1 to 5, they would be a ten. Steve was very patient with me.”

“Absolutely very very neat & clean.”

“Steve told me when the job would be finished and it was on the exact date.”

– Joseph and Judy Babcock of Newtown Square

“The quality of work was outstanding. This was really noticed in the detail of the trim work, overall fit, and finish. Mr. Nicholson arrived everyday during the time of construction on time as scheduled. He along with his staff were always a pleasure to work with. All work areas were swept or vacuumed to satisfaction. All work was completed within a few days of the estimated time.”

Were you satisfied at the completion of work. “Definitely yes!”

– Kathy Fairfax from Newtown Square

Quality of workmanship? “It exceeded my expectations.The contractor was always on time and courteous.”

How did the job site appear after the contractor left the job? “Yes, always clean.”

Was their work completed in a timely and efficient manner? “Yes.. Every time I see my kitchen, I smile and dance!”

– Penny Kessler from Havertown

“Excellent workmanship. Arrived on the date agreed and always on time. Every day the job site was left clean and tidy. Astonishly so…”

Was their work completed in a timely and efficient manner? “Yes at the beginning several options were reviewed. As choices needed to be made they were fully discussed. Even the unexpected was resolved without problems. Very happy! I would reuse their services anytime.”

– Nick Hayes from Haverford

 “Meticulous care went into the workmanship on the new bathroom and it shows! Steve kept us updated of the schedule and is always pleasant! Each day the house was left as neatly as possible. Vacuumed and swept of the day’s dust.”

Was their work completed in a timely and efficient manner? “Yes! The bathroom is absolutely perfect- we love it!”

– Dana Axelrod of Wynnewood

“Job site appeared like no one was ever there.”

“What else can I say but beautiful JOB! We’ll be using Steve to remodel kitchen in future!”

– Sellers of Concordville

 “The kitchen remodeling was superb.”

“Steve made several suggested changes which greatly enhanced the final job!”

“Our house was left spotless and all we had to do was fill our new cabinets.”

– Murray Zanger of Havertown

“Excellent workmanship.”

“The team was always on time and they were courteous – a pleasure to work with.”

– Karen Bachman of Chesterbrook

 “The predicted time frame for work completion was accurate. A great time to have in your home. Trustworthy!”

“Would highly recommend Nicholsons Kitchens and Baths. They take great pride in their work while providing the best customer service we have encountered to date.”

– Mimi and Paul Chesholm of West Chester

 “‘Steve -‘ We enjoyed you and ‘your crew’ and Joe and I were pleased how our two bathrooms turned out.”

– Joe and Brejetta Mottes of Rosemont

“The workmanship was sublime.”

Was the contractor on time and courteous, “Yes, they always did what they said they would do.”

Was the job site left neat and clean? “Always”

Was their work completed in timely and efficient manner? “Absolutely”

Were you satisfied at the completion of their work? “Beyond my imagination, I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Olitski from Havertown

“The workmanship was outstanding at every level. Perfect tile work, plumbing and electrical. Perfect alignment and smooth ready to paint walls. Always on time and extremely courteous ,friendly and conversational as were their subcontractors, to me, my wife and daughter(16)”

How did job site appear after contractor left? “very clean and like new.Complete vacuum and clean up at the end of every day which minimized dust and spread of dust in the house. Minor dents were patched at end of the job.The job was completed quickly and smoothly within 3-4 weeks as scheduled despite major repairs to fix deteriorated wood and exterior wall. Totally satisfied with every aspect of their work. Steve, son Jason and cousin Mike are hardworking, diligent pros supported by fabulous subcontractor electricians and plumbers.”

– Richard Sperry of Haverford

Every detail was handled superbly. Problems were solved as they arose. Steve is always very punctual and considerate. The work area was left clean and neat as possible. The debris outside was always left in a containment.

Was their work completed in a timely and efficient manner? “Very much so. We were thrilled with our kitchen. Steve also completely rebuilt our basement and bathroom. If you want your job done, Steve Nicholson is the one I always call and you should too! Thanks, Steve”

– Karen and Russ Bleakly of Havertown

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